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How to Claim your MRI Center Listing

  1. Navigate to your MRI listing by clicking the state and city filters
  2. On your listing click the "Claim this Listing" button
  3. Account creation less than 2 minutes to claim a listing
  4. After you signup you will need to verify your email
  5. Once you have claimed your listing, setup your featured listing
  6. Add links, services, MRI center bio to make your listing stand out

MRI Profile benefits include:

  1. Your listing will be featured at the top of the city listing page
  2. Your listing will remain in the #1 free spot (first come, first serve for free spots only; paid spots jump to #1 at any time)
  3. Your listing appears on your competitors unclaimed listings within your city
  4. You will be able to add your website URL, MRI services, and Bio
  5. Auto tracks website and phone number clicks
  6. Provides SEO benefit for your own website by providing links and citations

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